When is the Best time to Get Acupuncture Treatment?

time based acupuncture

Acupuncture has many variations and techniques – and yes, there are some systems of acupuncture that treat patients based on time of the day, as the theory is that the time corresponds to the organ time (that the organ is more active in that time).

But true acupuncture, at its highest level, can bypass this type of acupuncture and the doctor in question, makes whatever time available, to being the best time for the patient and the treatment – this is a very advanced concept and not widely understood; as simple as it sounds, it isn’t.

The time based acupuncture is based on what organ works in a very linear way – but advanced acupuncturist already know that this time based system is flawed because each person’s biological clock differs in many ways, and various with the process they are going through right now. For example, some people wake up early in the morning, and some people wake up later; already from this action alone, the biological clocks for each individual is different; and to calculate the true clock of the individual patient, will be done by the expert acupuncturist in question.

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