How often to get Acupuncture Treatment?

how often to get treated with acupuncture

We have often heard the question of how often should one get acupuncture treatment –┬áthis is usually a question asked by patients and they are still unsure on how acupuncture works.

The answer really depends on the skillset of the acupuncturist in question – but also on how serious the condition is, and how deeply it has affected the body, and if it has reached an established level, which needs to be corrected.

Sometimes 3 times a week is needed – sometimes once a week, and sometimes once a month (which is rare). Often once a week is what is required to get results, but usually the more often you see them, the better the results.

This is only because that many times, the body is forced to change its pattern, and starts getting used to the new pattern being introduced by the acupuncturist.

Next question is – will my acupuncturist know how many treatments I will need before I am cured of the condition?

This depends again on the acupuncturist’s skill and knowledge, as there are many systems of acupuncture, not all of them are effective for all problems and conditions. Most acupuncturists will repeat treatment until the condition is cured, but very few really ever know how many treatments it will take – but the more serious, the longer term it will be – and it will also depend on the patient, and how cooperative they are to receiving the treatment.

Remember that treatment is not only done by the acupuncturist – but also by the patient, when he is given instructions to follow to do at home, from lifestyle changes, diet changes and other things. This is perfectly needed, as you need to change your life pattern to create a permanent life change for your health.

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