How much can Acupuncture help with improving your Health?


It is often asked by people looking for healing, that how much can a certain method of healing help with curing the disease or just improving ones health to even better levels of health, and in term of acupuncture, how much can it help?

This is a very important question to ask, and to be curious about; and so is the answer to it.

Acupuncture is an ultimate medicine system – as long as the practitioner (Acupuncture Doctor) has the right knowledge and methodology, they will be able to help improve your health.

So the question comes – what is the right knowledge of Acupuncture, as there are dozens of healing systems within Acupuncture out there, that they all look the same to the untrained eye, the patient, who wants to just get better.

This is why we have setup this website to list the top practitioners of Acupuncture who do have the right knowledge, so it is easier for everyone to locate the one nearest to them – this list is currently being developed so you won’t see it just yet – but when it does appear, it will appear on our homepage here.

So is there a limit to Acupuncture?

There is no limit to what Acupuncture can heal – but the limit is in the practitioner and his sources of knowledge and experience. Just going to the right university or college is unfortunately not enough, because acupuncture systems are formed in such a way, that the more advanced systems are harder to understand and standardise to be taught in a university environment – even in China, this is equally difficult, and a lot of the golden knowledge has been lost – but not forever, as there are teachers who are now sharing their knowledge and spreading this healing system from the east to the west.

Even cosmetic acupuncture will see a rise in the coming years – and the invasive surgery will no longer be used – but not needling the face necessarily like some acupuncturists practice, as this is just trying to temporarily improve the facial skin – there are more powerful methods which strengthen the internal body, which in turn has a direct and dramatic effect on the outward appearance of the person.

For now, powerful herbal handmade soaps are designed to help you stop inflammation and stop hair loss – and has nothing to do with genetics that every secular doctor claims they know beyond theory – this is because of the obvious; we haven’t even traced the DNA and how it works, and this is why it is not really possible to just say, its genetics and there is nothing you can do about it.