Does Acupuncture Have Side Effects?

Acupuncture has been around for thousands of years, and the side effects of acupuncture are very limited, as the only real side effects should be the one intended by your acupuncture doctor – which is the results you are looking for – anything from being pain free, to an improvement in your condition.

That said, there are some cases where it should be mentioned that acupuncture can cause some side effects, which are not always wanted, and this is usually on very weak patients, or poor technique by the practitioner who treated you.

These can be mainly the hurting of points that were needled during treatment – but the pain is from improper needling – sometimes points hurt anyway, before needling, and this is a different thing, as this is pre-acupuncture treatment, and is not a side-effect (clearly).

The only other side effects for acupuncture can be short term pain sensations for patients with nerve damage – your acupuncturist will tell you that this is going to happen before they even start treatment, and will tell you roughly how long it will last – the pain occurs on nerve damaged patients (who cannot walk properly etc) because their nerves are being rebuilt with treatment – and the reactivation of the nerves causes them to sense and it feels like it is pain, but it is just a reactivation of the nerves – it goes away very quickly however.

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The video below explains the outline of acupuncture and it’s side effects: