Best Fertility Acupuncture NYC – Top Acupuncturist List

best fertility acupuncture nyc

The chart above is a presentation on the best fertility acupuncturists in New York city area – our top rated acupuncturist in the charts above is the Eastern Scholars Healing (  who practice a very advanced system of acupuncture, and track proven record of getting results for fertility and other health concerns.

This is not to say the other’s listed on the chart are not good, as they are part of the top available – but in terms of how advanced Eastern Scholars Healing acupuncture is, it is much higher, and requires a lot more practice, experience and knowledge to even practice compared to the normal fertility acupuncture that most practice today.

One of the most critical things in any medicine, be it western or eastern, is the ability to diagnose the patient, and what exactly is the reason why they are not fertile – this is not always clear, and most of the time, in acupuncture, the acupuncture doctors try to resolve it by limited diagnosis ability – this can be dangerous, or simply useless and time wasting for the patient – as the acupuncturist could be adjusting energy flow for something that is not even needed. 

Since the readers of our website are not acupuncturists, we will give an example which is easier to understand – in terms of how misdiagnosis can take place:

A patient says they have high blood pressure after checking their blood pressure on their left arm. They report this to the doctor, and the doctor agrees by checking the left arm – and prescribes strong medicine for this, and dangerous side effects. 

The patient has a feeling there is something not right about this, so consults another doctor – who then checks, not only his left arm, but both arms, and both legs, for blood pressure – and finds there is a clotting in the left arm, which artificially enhanced blood pressure levels only on the left arm – and the patient needs another type of treatment, not blood pressure lowering medicine!

This is a perfect example of misdiagnosis in a simple way – and the very reason Eastern Scholars Healing Acupuncture was chosen as the top rated acupuncture, for fertility/infertility problems, as well as other health conditions – as the advanced diagnosis system is not the same as the other acupuncture systems; even if it looks similar, if you pay attention, you will see a vast difference in methodology and duration of diagnosis methods.

The track record for successful pregnancy, in this system is also very high, as long as the patient also does what is prescribed to them (life style changes, keeping up to treatment appointments, and anything else) – it is the highest success rate compared to any medical system out there.