Acupuncture getting more popular in NYC

acupuncture getting more popular in usa

In an article by the NY Times, there is a lot of talk on how popular acupuncture is becoming, despite the high costs of actually getting acupuncture treatment.

A lot of conditions are being treated with acupuncture – including fertility problems, diabetes, hormone problems, pain and serious migraines and a lot more – a lot of these conditions are not covered by insurance providers in the United States, and people are actively seeking and paying for this – of course, only one reason to really point towards, is that something must be working, that people pay for weekly treatments of $100+ a week.

It is essential that you pick the right acupuncturist for your condition and requirement – and also important to understand that not all acupuncture is equal – just because one acupuncturist is charging a lot less than the other, might just mean they don’t have enough knowledge and know-how for the condition, so you get what you paid for – but it is about consulting with the acupuncturist and seeing what feels right for you – we recommend looking at the top acupuncturists we have rated on our homepage here, for you to find the right one for you and your needs.

Acupuncture knowledge in the US various a lot, but the health and safety of the practitioners is strictly monitored and licensing is very tough, so you can rest assured that this is a safe way to see if you can find an alternative way to resolve your condition, or at least contribute towards resolving the condition.

Acupuncture is predicted to rise worldwide and it is rapidly rising in Europe, although still behind the US, with the most amount of users using and practicing acupuncture. Please see our blogs section for the latest on acupuncture and how to select your acupuncturist.