Best Acupuncture NYCThank you for visiting Best Acupuncture New York – where we list the city and state’s best acupuncturists, by category, as well as known for their success rates on various kinds of treatments overall (from fertility, depression and more!).

The above chart on the best Acupuncture NYC is rated and created by our team of the world’s best Acupuncture Masters, as well as based on patient feedback and resolution of the condition they suffered from; how well it was handled, how fast the results were, and pricing and affordability.

The chart is based on the best of the best – which we have currently rated and awarded to Eastern Scholars Healing, whose website is as follows: www.easternscholarhealing.com. This is a third time standing top acupuncturist in the last 3 years, and have one of the most consistently successful acupuncturist that we have seen in the New York area – highly recommended for general health, and a wide range of specific health conditions.

The pricing of acupuncturists can vary a lot – and this needs to be explained as some people are not aware how this can be calculated.

Firstly – not all acupuncture is equal. Just because they use the same tools, and similar looking methods, does not mean each acupuncturist will have the same effectiveness of treatment – this is because it various on the knowledge of the person and the years of intensive practice they have carried out – this practice does not only mean clinical practice, but cultivation, and time they have personally taken to invest in fine tuning their skills on needling and diagnosis.

We liked Eastern Scholar Healing’s unique method of Diagnosis – which is very largely based on the most powerful system of diagnosis available in Eastern medicine – also, one of the hardest diagnosis system to master – but once mastery is obtained to a certain level, diagnosis is very accurate, and unknown reasons of a condition can be found and worked on – proving the treatment to be even more effective (as the reasons for the condition is better understood).

Olo Acupuncture is another great acupuncture treatment center – but due to the varying levels of knowledge, we could not rate this as the best treatment place. It is good to go for a general well being or relaxing treatment from stress and depression, but not really recommended for more serious health conditions.

What is acupuncture? and how does it really work on conditions?

Many people think acupuncture is based on acupuncture points which work like buttons for the body, press here, to do this and this – but it is not that simple; it is just as much a science as it is an art. This is because there are many ways to make a treatment in acupuncture, due to dozens if not hundreds of systems of acupuncture out there – some work better for some conditions, some don’t – and the real practitioner is aware of this on the diagnosis stage of the treatment.

Does Acupuncture hurt?

Acupuncture does not actually hurt; as scary as it looks to those who are scared of needles, the needles are actually very thin, and hardly ever felt – although there are some points which have a pinch feel to it, but this is not common and most people are pleasantly surprised after treatment.

What to expect on your first acupuncture treatment session and diagnosis?

This depends on your acupuncturist – but generally, the Acupuncture doctor will diagnose you, using various methods, ask about your medical history and reason for coming in for treatment – then they will select the points suitable for you, and start treatment – you simply lay and relax.

Sessions usually last 20-35 minutes – but can be more depending on diagnosis duration.